Josh Toth is an eight-year-old camper from Denver, Colorado who attended Ranch Camp last year.

An adventure-seeking third grader, Josh was able to knock off one of his most exciting and challenging bucket list items with Ranch last summer: The high ropes. As noted by Josh, “they were higher than I had expected,” but he was still able to accomplish this bucket list task due to the encouragement he received from his Ranch Camp counselors.

“My counselors really encouraged me and cheered me on when I was nervous about going up so high. I wanted to come down, but they said I should keep trying, so I did!”

And you did it, Josh! It’s incredible what we’re able to achieve with a team that offers abundant support.

Josh Toth Josh Toth

When asked about his favorite bucket list item from the summer season, Josh quickly says, “Ziplining. I’m glad I did it! It was scary, but fun!”  The warm breeze in your face as you fly across the forests of Elbert, Colorado–what could be better?

Another bucket list item Josh was able to cross off during 2017 was making life-long friendships. Josh went into his first year of Ranch Camp not knowing any other boys at camp, and throughout his summer, he was able to meet new people and make new friends that he’s excited to see this year at camp.

So what bucket list item is Josh looking to accomplish in 2018, you ask?

“Hit the target in archery! I missed every single time last summer, so I want to try again and keep practicing.”

Josh’s story teaches us that we’re able to accomplish anything we set our minds to, especially with wonderful friends by our side. When we hone in our summertime goals (aka the J’s Summer Bucket List), we’re able to achieve the impossible.

The J is committed to bringing each child a fantastic summer experience that will increase their self-confidence, build new friendships, and encourage them to reach beyond their wildest imaginations.

Register for Summer 2018 today and cross the first item off your Summer Bucket List.