Seven-year-old Sam attended Shai Sports and Camp Shai Post Camp during Summer 2017.

During his sunny days spent with Camp Shai, Sam was able to develop his athletic skills and make new friends thanks to Shai’s inclusive camp environment.

One of Sam’s greatest Summer Bucket List achievements was having the ability to focus on each sport and having the opportunity to enhance his skills, especially in regard to basketball. What does he attribute his Summer Bucket List success too? “The personal attention that I got at Shai Sports,” says the talented second grader. “I had the chance to make new friends in a warm and safe environment.”

Shai Sports

With 2018 being Sam’s third summer with Camp Shai, he’s looking forward to seeing all of his favorite Camp Shai counselors. “They make camp fun, energetic, and unforgettable!” We think it’s also safe to say that Sam’s looking forward to another summer filled with even more athletic opportunities and chances to make new friends.

The J’s Summer Bucket List allows campers like Sam to achieve lifelong success during their time away from school. They’re able to create their own goals and smash them alongside their camp counselors and camp friends.

We know quite a few slam dunks are in your future, Sam.

In 2035, we’ll be looking for you in the NBA!