Ahavah Farm: a bountiful 40-acre farm located in Peyton, CO (population of 250).

Owned and operated by Yosef Camire, his wife Chava, and their five young children, this beautiful farm produces the purest food possible, all while generating a positive environmental impact.

On July 4, 2012, driven by the desire to be a part of a tight-knit Jewish community, the Camires moved to Denver from New Hampshire with three children; however, they quickly realized city-life wasn’t the best fit for their lifestyle. Fast forward two years, and the Camires find themselves twenty minutes east of Colorado Springs on a 40-acre lot with a dilapidated house in desperate need of some TLC (it didn’t have a kitchen, plumbing, or a roof. In the words of Yosef, “it was a mess”). At the time, Yosef was an engineer and farming wasn’t anywhere on his radar. On top of that, the location of their property was, at the time, the “worst place to grow vegetables.” The soil was “zero percent organic matter,” completely unsuitable for plant life.

Ahavah Farm

Against all odds, Yosef and his family decided to prepare a garden to help sustain their growing family (as well as their vegan lifestyle) and, unexpectedly, they realized they could accomplish the previously unthinkable task of growing outstanding produce. Equipped with all the necessary research, as well as time and effort, the Camires struck gold. They began to sell their nutritious produce to the public, and, to their avail,  received an “outpouring of love and support.” They eventually decided to incorporate a “pay what you can” program, on top of attending various farmers markets throughout Colorado, and their success continued to flourish at an astronomical rate. Before they knew it, Ahavah Farm was being featured in the largest organic magazine in the nation, as well as a magazine in Israel documenting their tremendous farming practices and commitment to their community and the environment.

Ahavah Farm is now home to 75+ varieties of heirloom produce, 500+ free-range ducks and chickens (used only for eggs), and 18 alpacas (for biodiversity, pasture management, and manure fertilizer). Ahavah Farm does not use any sprays or chemicals, instead they make their own compost and use animal byproducts to build up their rich, nutrient-filled soil. They also teach classes on soil management, water conservation, beekeeping, and more in addition to their sustainability workshops.

Now, here’s the kicker. You (yes YOU, reader) can now receive Ahavah Farm produce straight from the source. Ahavah is extending their CSA (community-supported agriculture) program registration to the JCC! The farm is holding 2018 Summer CSA spots just for you. The pickup location at the JCC Denver will start June 7, but they need to be at least 80% sold out before the first of the year and they are currently at 60%. They are so excited about their partnership with the JCC, that they are graciously a 5% discount to all JCC members if you use the code “JCC5Percent” at checkout.

Ahavah Farm Ahavah Farm egg Ahavah Farm Ahavah Farm

“Ahavah,” the Hebrew word for “love,” echoes throughout the farm’s practices and product. Yosef Camire is a true family man who puts his heart and soul into his farm, along with the help of his dedicated wife, Chava, who is, as he says, “the hardest working woman I know.”

Ahavah Farm embodies hope, kindness, selflessness, and most importantly: love. Love for the environment, community, and food. Now that’s something we can get behind.