They say it takes a village to raise a child. We sometimes forget that maxims such as this are rooted in truth.

It is nearly impossible for one person to teach a child everything from proper manners, their physical limitations, social skills and how to build new friendships. As such, we outsource most of our children’s formal education to schools. Yet we often still fall short when it comes to the other, equally important, areas of development.

Enrichment programs, like the ones offered at the JCC, extend a child’s day of school and provide learning out of the formal classroom setting. The structure of enrichments allows for children to try new things, build new skills, and to even fail sometimes in a safe space. Enrichment classes provide another outlet for a child’s seemingly boundless energy and enables them to meet other children with similar interests. No matter their interests, there is an enrichment program for everyone.

Gold Crown Basketball is one of the premier basketball training programs in Colorado. Through the after-school program at the JCC, participants will develop the skills, discipline, and knowledge necessary to play basketball on a competitive level. More importantly, the children will be engaged in a small group setting guided by the values of a growth mindset.

The Hero Sports program is a great way to help kids develop listening and teamwork skills while also giving them a chance to experiment with a wide array of sports. Each week, they are taught the fundamentals of specific sports like baseball, touchdown football, spike volleyball, soccer and more.

Coding with Kids – Game Development is a new enrichment program that allows children to learn core concepts of computer programming. Using the Scratch development environment, kids will learn how to create programs, such as simple games, animations, and interactive stories.

Children typically walk away from after-school enrichments feeling accomplished, independent, and confident in their ability to overcome challenges. Enrichment classes provide the well-rounded learning experience that can benefit every child and supplement their classroom education.