17th Annual Fred Marcus Memorial Holocaust Lecture: Sneak Preview of the Documentary Holy Silence with Talkback by Filmmaker Steven Pressman.

Presented by the Holocaust Awareness Institute at the Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Denver

Decades after the Holocaust, a controversial debate continues over the role of the Vatican during that dark period of history. HOLY SILENCE cuts to the heart of that ongoing debate by focusing on a fascinating cast of historical figures, each of whom played a crucial role in the effort to shape the Vatican’s response to the Holocaust: a Jesuit priest from New England, an American industrialist dispatched by President Roosevelt, and high-ranking Vatican officials determined to carry out their own objectives.

HOLY SILENCE features all of them and more, while allowing audiences to decide for themselves whether the papacy might have made more of a difference.

About Steven Pressman and the Holocaust Awareness Institute:

HOLY SILENCE is Steven Pressman’s second documentary film. His first film — 50 CHILDREN: THE RESCUE MISSION OF MR. AND MRS. KRAUS— told the story of an American couple who traveled to Nazi Germany to rescue a group of Jewish children and bring them safely to the United States. 50 CHILDREN premiered on HBO in 2013 and received an Emmy nomination for outstanding historical programming. It was also screened at the Marcus Lecture in 2015.

The Holocaust Awareness Institute (HAI) promotes Holocaust awareness and education in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region. The Institute works within the Jewish community, the University of Denver and with people of all faiths and cultures to explore the meaning of the Shoah and its lessons for future generations. For more information on the Fred Marcus Memorial Holocaust Lecture and other Holocaust Awareness Institute programming, please visit du.edu/ahss/cjs.

Check out this excellent video to learn more about Steven Pressman’s first film, 50 CHILDREN.

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