Syrian Refugees

Syria and Beyond: The Jewish Response to the Global Refugee Crisis

With Riva Silverman, HIAS Vice President, External Affairs

When: Wednesday, January 20, 7:00 pm
Where: Boulder JCC
Cost: $15 in advance at; $18 at the door

The global refugee crisis is worse now than at any other time since World War II. In light of the Syrian refugee crisis, please join us for a discussion with Riva Silverman, VP for External Affairs at HIAS, a front-line agency in refugee protection, resettlement and assistance for over 130 years. Riva will share her knowledge of the current refugee landscape, what HIAS is doing to address it, and a vision of how we can act to make a difference.

Guided by Jewish values and history, HIAS works around the world to protect refugees who have been forced to flee their homelands because of who they are, including ethnic, religious and sexual minorities. HIAS helps refugees rebuild their lives and advocates for policies that protect their basic human rights.