About Art Academy

Your child’s creativity will blossom at MACC’s Summer Art Academy! Professional artists who are also experienced educators provide intensive art experiences using quality art materials in a studio environment. From traditional art forms like pottery, painting, drawing, and bronze casting, to more contemporary art forms like filmmaking, digital photography, glass fusing, and graphic novels, the MACC delivers age appropriate art experiences of the highest caliber.

The visual arts are vital to your child’s development, and in just one week at the MACC, your child can garner 30 hours of participatory experiences, nearly as much as many students might have in a full year of school! The structure of our program, three hour blocks, five days a week, enables participants to transition more fully into visual thinking modes. Your child will have fun will developing skills in visual problem solving, the use of symbols, visual story telling, composition, aesthetic analysis and critique, as well as skills related to specific materials and techniques. You will be pleased with their enthusiasm, sense of achievement, growth, and pride in their work.


  • Age appropriate programs for students entering grades 1-3, grades 3-6, and grades 6-12
  • Air conditioned well equipped studio spaces
  • New and exciting classes and teachers – including Botanical illustration, Art Quilting, and Introduction to Graphic Design
  • Digital photography, filmmaking, bronze casting and glass art classes for upper elementary and teen students
  • Applications for a limited number of internship opportunities for qualified students 14 and up

General Information
Pick-Up of Completed Works
Due to the nature of the fired-clay process used in all of our pottery classes, completed works will be available for pick-up in the clay studio or the hallway outside the clay
studio by the Thursday following the completion of class. For your convenience, all work will be wrapped and tagged with the student’s name. Because storage space is limited, we encourage you to return as soon as possible to collect your child’s artwork.

Your child will probably feel most free to be creative when he or she is dressed in play clothes. Art is often a messy process and, while we do provide smocks, we strongly recommend that your child wear clothing that you consider expendable.

Grade Levels
All grade levels refer to the grade students will enter in the fall of 2014. Students entering grade 3 may choose to participate either with older children in grades 3–6 or with younger children in grades 1–3. Likewise for students entering grade 6.

Art classes for all age groups have space on the MACC/JCC Campus. Clay classes are offered in the Frankel Clay Studio. General art classes are offered in the Greinetz Art Studio (near the clay studio) or in the trailer, near the south entrance to the building. Class locations are listed in the descriptions, and staff will be present to direct you and your child to the appropriate location.