Friday FUNdays

Friday FUNdays

Fridays are a special day at Camp Shai, a day that is different from all the rest! For one day, we set aside all rotations, chuggim, field trips and all of the other everyday fun activities at camp. On Fridays we all come together to celebrate the arrival of Shabbat and the start of the weekend.

The Big Activity

As the name implies- these activities are BIG! Big ideas, big groups, and most of all BIG fun! Every Friday morning will start with an all-camp extravaganza. Campers and counselors are encouraged to dress up for the themes!


After lunch on Fridays the whole camp comes together for an all-out, no holds-barred, water play experience. We turn on all the sprinklers, set up the slip-n-slides and inflatables and bring out the GIANT sponges! We all run around together cooling off and having a great time.

Shabbat Reflection and Celebration

After waterplay, we are sufficiently cooled down and it is time to start transitioning into a Shabbat state of mind. We will start every Shabbat with cabin reflection time. Each week, we will focus on a different Midda (value) as we take a look at the amazing week we just completed. This reflection is a chance for campers to share their experiences with the friends and counselors. Giving campers a chance to reflect on their week- what they learned, something new they did or a new friend they made, allows them to truly process the changes that are occurring within them as part of the Camp Shai experience.

Now, we are ready to celebrate. After reflection the whole camp comes together to celebrate Shabbat camp style. We will award the Honorable Mensch-ens (pronounced mentions) recognizing a few campers who went above and beyond in embodying our Middot (values). We will play drums, dance and sing songs as we celebrate another amazing week at Camp Shai.