JCC Women’s Retreat

Shma B’Kolah: Listen to Her Voice

A Retreat for Jewish Women


When: Sunday September 14, 8:30-4:30 pm

Where: Jefferson County Fairground

Keynote Presentation: Dafna Michaelson. Journeywoman: “Finding Your Voice as a Woman” 

What is the purpose of this retreat?
The purpose of this retreat is to connect with other women through music, song, study, movement and conversation. This one-day retreat brings women together from across the spectrum of our community for learning, reflection, rejuvenation, and socializing. We hope you will join us!

JCC Women’s Retreat Session Proposal
One special element of this retreat is that attendees lead a variety of different sessions having to do with, but not limited to creativity, social action, text study, movement, and spirituality. We are currently accepting proposals for sessions. Each 45-minute session will focus on the theme of “Shma B’kolah: Listen to Her Voice.” The deadline for submitting a proposal is April 7th. Session leaders will be paid a $50 honorarium.

Past Sessions:
Here are a few examples of sessions from last year to help you get started your own.

  • The Poetry of the PsalmsDelve into the Book of Psalms by learning about their poetry and the building-blocks of each genre of psalms. We will take some time to compose our own psalms about our life experiences. 
  • Finding Your Voice in PrayerBuilding your connection to G-d outside of the synagogue.
  • Finding Your Voice as a Creative WomanWe will explore how to overcome fear, perfectionism, and the need to control that are keeping you from fully expressing yourself as a person and an (aspiring) artist
  •  Women of the Wall: Issue or Non-Issue? For almost 25 years, Women of the Wall has worked to achieve the social and legal recognition of the right, as women, to wear prayer shawls, pray, and read from the Torah collectively and out loud at the Western Wall. Join Tammy Dollin for a discussion of the issues surrounding this organization and womens presence at the Western Wall.
  • Mask/ UnmaskEngage in a creative way to express how we see ourselves and how we think the world sees us.
  • Biblical Women Encounter the 21st CenturyWe will examine commentaries and views of Biblical women that originate in different times and places, including contemporary opinions. We will try to understand the variety of assessments of the characters and actions of these women by highlighting the context of the comments and the perspectives of the commentators.  How does this impact on our own opinions of Biblical women and their potential as role models for women today?

Feel free to contact Melanie Gruenwald at mgruenwald@jccdenver.org for assistance or questions.

Right now we are taking proposals for sessions. If you are interested in leading a session, please fill out the form below. Proposals are due by April 7th and we will notify you by April 28th.