“Peter the 3rd” Discussion Brings Younger and Older Community Members Together

By Debbie MacKillop

IMG_3314Young and old adults came together on Sunday, February 19 at the JCC Denver to talk about the Denver Jewish Film Festival screening of “Peter the 3rd,” led by facilitator Jamie Sarche from Feldman Mortuary. As part of the DJFF’s post-film discussion program, over 50 audience members stayed after the screening of this intergenerational Israeli comedy to enjoy refreshments and dialogue about the film’s central themes.

The community discussion centered on the challenges and opportunities of navigating longer lives, how times of transition where people are forging a new identity are common for older and younger adults, and how different intergenerational friendships can change lives for the better.

The main characters, 66-year old-widower Peter, and millennial aspiring writer Alona, a waitress at Peter’s favorite deli, become friends who support each other in moving past a place of feeling stuck in life. As friends, they encourage each other to find the courage to repair and restart important relationships and go after dreams that have been dormant. The audience seemed to universally feel that this film, which also showcased many small but endearing comedic roles, provided much laughter and positive vibes to take home with them.

Facilitator Jamie Sarche is director of pre-arranged funeral planning at Feldman, a mayoral appointment to the Denver Commission on Aging, on the board of Jewish Family Service, teaches advance planning in the JCC Jewish Aging Mastery Program, and has given TED and ELI Talks on aging topics.

This film talkback was a partnership between the MACC and the JCC Intergenerational Program. For more information about older adult and intergenerational programming at the JCC, contact Debbie MacKIllop, 303-316-6324, dmackillop@jccdenver.org