Shalom everybody,

One of my biggest loves in life is music, especially Israeli music. I want to share this passion with you with regular updates.

Geva Alon

For the first monthly music update I decided to share with you one of my favorite Israeli artists – Geva Alon. He is an Israeli singer-songwriter and a musician.  I grew up listening to Geva Alon’s music and in my opinion, the music is easy to connect with and relate to.

I collect records and have over 400. The one I value the most is a Geva Alon’s record signed by the artist.

Geva Alon – Days Of Hunger (album – “Days Of Hunger”)

Geva Alon was raised at a Kibbutz called Ma’abarot, He was once asked what his most important influences and he answered “mainly life. Views, experiences, fears, wars (with myself and sometimes the real ones) and romance.”

Quietly, with modesty and uncompromising loyalty to his music, he became one of the most successful artists in Israeli rock, folk and Indie music. There are very few Israeli indie artists from the past ten years that are equal to him.

Geva Alon - Flying Baby

When Geva preforms on stage, you can hear and feel his outstanding voice, talent, captivating stage charisma and virtuosity on the guitar. My best experiences in live music shows were at Geva’s shows.

He released seven albums throughout the years, two with a band named “the flying baby” (2002-present day) and five as a solo artist.

The Flying Baby – Light Years Away (album – Inner World)

Most of Geva’s albums and music is in English, he has even been compared to Neil Young and is called “the Israeli Neil Young”.

His last album, released at 2015 was his first Hebrew album.

I always wondered when and if ever Geva would release a Hebrew album. When asked numerus times why he finally decided to sing in Hebrew, he said: “Arik Einstein’s music (considered to be one of the pioneers in Israeli music) is a kind of soundtrack to life, for me and a lot others. His death was one of the triggers to do the album. I already had album materials in English and it was too easy and tempting. After Arik’s death it suddenly hit me. I said, I have to do music in Hebrew. Hebrew rock can’t die, there must be a continuation to this thing.”

And I’ll finish this update with one of Geva’s songs in Hebrew: “aba” which means dad.

גבע אלון – אבא (album – “Be With Me – (“תהיי איתי))

Dad tells of battles
Wants to die wants to live
I would stay so he would be happy
I’ll hear names of aircrafts
He sat on the wing
When the pilot almost took off
There was a victorious feeling

We never really talked
We never really talked 

I live on a mountain
Overlooking the everlasting horizon
I moved farther so that I’ll get excited
When I remember the boat that we found on Alexander
I find myself floating in a dream
Striving side by side slowly
Without exchanging a look

We never really talked
We never really talked

We never really talked
We never talked

 Family is a big part of the content in the album in Hebrew. In this song, he sings resolutely “We never really talked”.

“For me, it was a question whether to write such a thing. I was uncomfortable, but I felt I should. It’s a bit lacking for me in Israeli music. I look around, especially at young artists and the next generation, I’m looking for something that you will feel in the stomach, something you can go home and think about, but I’m not able to find it. I felt that if I already made this transition into Hebrew, it has to be complete. I have to be sincere and vulnerable, even if it hurts.”

A few more songs that you should listen to:
Geva Alon – Modern Love – the only cover on Geva’s albums. (album – “The Wall Of Sound”)

GEVA ALON – THE WIND WHISPERS (album – “Get Closer”)

Geva Alon – I Can See The Stars (album – “Get Closer”)

Geva Alon – The Great Enlightenment (album – “In The Morning Light”)