Shalom everybody,

Have you ever got the chance to listen to a cover of your favorite band and actually like it? Well I did.

TATRAN – Strawberry Fields Forever (Album Version)

Tatrn is a music band, consisting of three members; Ophir Bniminob (bass), Tamuz palm (guitar), Dan Mayhew (drums). In their early twenties, they come from diverse backgrounds that connect together to form a collective of original, crossing borders musical entity. Tatran’s creative inspiration comes from a wide range of musical genres ranging from modern jazz, rock, classical music, avant-garde, folk and electronica.


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Celestial pairing brought together these three friends, creating one of the finest ensembles that emerged in the Israeli region. Gripping creative melodic compositions with a unique approach to sound, mesmerizing grooves, virtuoso performance and complex meticulous arrangements alongside sections of boundless dynamic improvisation. All the while showcasing a deep telepathic communication on stage.

When asked how they create their special style and what inspires them, they said “You could say that the style is the result of this meeting between us and the totality of each of us on our instrument and the different perspectives we all have. When we take a melody, we try to feel it and maximize it, and build a world of sound around it – a world that will tell our story. Our creativity is influenced by life itself, and the various, diverse musical backgrounds that each of us has come from”.

TATRAN – Shore (Live)

The result of all of this inspiration is serious and challenging music. During their show they do not talk much. Even when they have to say something to each other, they try to communicate with gestures. They also do not move more than what is really necessary. The drummer does most of the moving, and that is also within a square meter. The bassist is usually fixed on one point on the stage like someone who just found a sunny spot between the buildings, concentrated solely in his playing. The guitarist actually moves slightly, and he even glances occasionally to the audience, perhaps only to prove that it is indeed a human being playing now.

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It’s almost impossible for me to grasp that three people can produce these sounds together. They create an environment that causes the crowd to sit there transfixed for an hour of instrumental music.

TATRAN – Shvat (Live)

Tammuz is a true wonder on the guitar, replacing different effects and distortions, in an instant. There’s no superlatives you can use to describe Dan, he is probably one of the best drummers in Israel. And the bassist, Ophir, the “brains” behind the band. Ophir gets the credit for most of the songwriting and is the bands barometer. Ophir’s eyes determine when there’s a break, when a jam is finished, and when the next segment begins. Undoubtedly, this is a band of musical geniuses.

TATRAN – Demian

Tatran released two albums; Shvat (a studio album) and Soul Ghosts (a live album). Music and especially musicians that wants to remain relevant should reinvent themselves all the time so that the music remains special, interesting and challenging for our ears. To be able to challenge the mind and emotions – in a word – Tatran.

The Elephant (Live)
Lemon (Live)
TATRAN – A Cut In The Crust – Filmed at Mamilla Pool in Jerusalem (one of my favorite places in Jerusalem!)