January 4, 2015

What an incredible year it has been

As a community, we have grown in many ways and accomplished many things.

Continuing to educate, inspire and entertain, JAAMM Fest attendance increased by 153%! Highlights included musicians Kinky Friedman and Amit Peled, the performance of Wonderbound, authors David Gregory and David Axelrod, and the 13th Annual Fred Marcus Memorial Holocaust Program 50 Children: The Rescue of Mr. and Mrs. Kraus.

With more than 6,500 attendees, our 19th Annual Jewish Film Festival continues to enlighten, captivate and stimulate discussion. Attendees heard from Lacey Schwartz who wrote, directed, produced and acted in Little White Lie and Nancy Spielberg who produced Above and Beyond, the story of the formation of the Israeli Air Force. (Tickets for our 20th Annual Jewish Film Festival are on sale now!)

This year, the JCC guided 70 new parents through their first pregnancies, connecting them with Judaism and each other through Jewish Baby University.

Our Early Childhood Center provided best-in-class care and education for 150 students from 12 weeks through 5 years old as well as their families. (2016/17 registration is now open!)

More than 3,500 members utilized our fitness and aquatic centers, and 768 children learned how to swim in our Swim Safe Academy. And 1,600 children had their best summer ever at Camp Shai and Ranch Camp! (2016 Camp registration is now open!)

Together we enjoyed food, lectures and entertainment at CelebrateFest, and we worked with B’nai B’rith and Children’s Hospital for a blood drive. We heard John Elway speak, we celebrated and honored Jordon Perlmutter and Ellen Beller. We announced our plans for a bigger, better J.

Thank you for being part of and supporting the J and MACC.

Happy New Year!

May your 2016 be filled with happiness and laughter.