Dear Friends,
We are truly saddened by the recent tragic events in Paris and elsewhere in the world. Unfortunately, for some, these acts are a common occurrence. Regardless of their frequency or location, we stand together.

At the Robert E. Loup JCC, we will have an oversize card in the lobby for you to sign, or you can submit your message through the contact form below and we will pass them along to our community in France on your behalf.

At FSJU (The Jewish Federation of France) our partners Patrick Chasques, Executive Director and Jo Amar, Director of Culture and Community Centers, are mobilizing, once again, their resources in order to provide assistance to the Jewish and non-Jewish community during these trying times. Jo Amar said earlier today that everyone is still in shock and deep mourning for every innocent person that was killed or wounded. Many events and programs throughout the city and the country have been canceled and instead, gatherings of mourning and solidarity are being organized.

Many of you are asking, what can we do to help?

Donations: It is felt that the best support could be given to a new program that was initiated last year called: Vivre La France Ensemble – We continue to live in France, together. It is a program that has already began in Jewish communities all over France and will continue in 2016 in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and additional cities. The aim is to build bridges of understanding between all religions and denominations and it will include workshops, lectures, cultural programs, conferences and more. Our friends feel that this is the best way to combat the brutal assault on the core French values of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. FSJU is seeking to raise 140,000 Euros for the project and any donation towards this goal will be greatly appreciated. In order to process a donation please write an email to Jo Amar at jo.amar@fsju.france.

Looking forward, we leave you with this closing thought delivered recently at an FSJU conference

We are at war to defend our highest principles of tolerance and democratic pluralism. Wherever we are, we must fight together for this ideal. Courage and firmness without ethnic and religious slurs are even more important now that we have to strengthen our defences.Dr. Diana Pinto from Paris

If you would like to keep up with news in Israel specifically, click here to visit our virtual Israel Center and read messages from the JCCA’s Israel office.