Pilates at the J

Pilates is a dynamic, non-impact fitness exercise program that combines stretching and strengthening movements with elements of weight training and breath work. Pilates builds core strength, elongates and balances the muscular system, brings the body into proper alignment and increases balance and flexibility. Pilates can help you improve your agility, build core strength, eliminate chronic back pain, take your athletic performance to another level and maximize your body’s movement potential.

At the J, we offer complimentary Pilates Mat classes to our members. In our Balanced Body equipped Pilates Studio, we offer equipment-based classes as well as Private and Semi-Private reformer sessions for an additional fee.

Getting Started

Due to the unique movements and specialized equipment in the Pilates program, fundamental sessions are mandatory for participation on the Allergo and Tower/Chair. New participants must take a minimum of 7 private Pilates sessions, or participate in a Group Fundamentals of Pilates Series. More sessions may be necessary to become proficient enough to participate in equipment=based classes and will be determined by one of our professional Pilates instructors.

Getting Back into Pilates

If you have experience in Pilates equipment based classes and would like to join our program, you will need to have an evaluation with one of our highly qualified instructors. Spend a little time at the beginning of the session going over your particular needs: physical history, posture and any medical needs, conditions, etc. Then, progress through exercises on the allegro/reformer to assure that your body is able to maintain good form safely. This helps us ensure that you will always receive the best instruction for your body from that day forward.

Building Skills

After mastering beginner classes, we encourage those ready for a bigger challenge try out Intermediate and Advanced equipment-based class, Tower/Chair and Combo classes. Private instruction or special group series classes are required to progress beyond beginner level. The ability to master movements depends on the individual and there is no set time for advancing through the levels.

Please be aware that group classes may not be suitable for individuals with conditions or needs that may require adaptations or special instruction. Those with special concerns should schedule a consultation to determine an appropriate personalized plan.

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To register for classes, please visit the Fitness & Wellness desk. For more information please contact Erin Coyne.
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