Treat Your Body Right

Keeping the body well maintained is essential to meet any of your personal fitness and health goals. You can lift all the weight you want, run as many miles as you please, but without the appropriate care to your body, it will begin to breakdown. This holds true from mental health perspective. It’s important to take time out of your busy schedule to relax and take a load off. So, there’s no better time to keep your mind and body fit through massage therapy.

Our Massage Therapy Team

Heather Meloy, CMT
Heather Meloy, CMTMassage Therapist
Heather provides a unique healing experience through a variety of massage techniques: deep tissue, trigger point therapy, integrative energy work, meridian and acupressure points, with a deep awareness for each clients’ needs. Heather’s style incorporates the subtle energy and wisdom of each individual and their own body’s wisdom to promote balance.

Heather Meloy has been practicing therapeutic massage for over 17 years, has taught yoga for 13 years, and was owner of Jaya Yoga Center. She has recently graduated in Chinese Medicine with her masters in Acupuncture.

Ethan Cantor
Ethan CantorMassage Therapist
Ethan graduated from the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado in the art and science of integrative massage therapies. He has treated and relieved clients’ suffering from stress, muscular and skeletal pain, insomnia sports injuries, head, neck and lower
back pain. Ethan is also certified in ThaiMassage having studied in ChangMai, Thailand.

Specialties: Swedish, Neuromuscular Therapy and Deep Tissue Release


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