Group Classes

We offer 100 classes per week including Pilates mat, yoga and heated yoga, Zumba, Hip Hop, indoor cycling, ballet barre, boot camp, tai chi, NIA, Insanity, aqua aerobics classes and some very unique classes like Gyrokenesis, Athletic Dance Fusion and Proprio Training. All of these classes are included in your membership dues.
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Cardio Classes

We offer numerous cardio specific classes including indoor cycling, one of the highest calorie burning workouts available; Tabata, a 45 minute high intensity interval training class that will give you a full body workout; Zumba, high and low intensity aerobic workout to Latin music with fun dance moves and Step, a fun, choreographed exercise routing up, down and around the step for a great cardio workout!

Strength Training Classes

Some of our strength classes include HIIT (high intensity interval training) using weights, BOSU’s, fitballs. This fast-moving blend of strength training will blast calories and build muscle; Insanity is a cardio class based on max interval training which combines athletic drills, interval training, power, resistance and core training to push you to your limits. TRX suspension training utilizes gravity and movement to generate neuromuscular responses that integrate strength and balance.

Mind & Body Classes

In addition to 20+ yoga and pilates classes weekly, we offer NIA and Tai Chi as complements to the mind/body connection.

We also offer a variety of yoga classes, including: flow yoga, gentle yoga, Hatha yoga, heated yoga and restorative yoga.

Senior Friendly Classes

We offer numerous senior friendly classes including 20 aqua classes per week, Senior Strength, Senior Cardio, low impact and Latin Dance Fusion.

All of our senior classes are taught by certified instructors who are able to modify any movement to help your body feel great!


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Some of our group classes such as Pilates, TRX, Women on Weights, and Chaiest Loser require advanced registration. Please contact the Fitness desk at 303.316.6300 with any questions.