General Information

Welcome to MIZEL ARTS AND CULTURE CENTER or MACC, which is located on the campus of the ROBERT E. LOUP JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER (JCC). Working with this online guide, you can MIX & MATCH art and drama classes for a summer filled with FUN, LEARNING and CREATIVITY. Your child can spend a HALF–DAY or FULL–DAY at MACC. If you choose the latter, we offer SUPERVISED LUNCH for your convenience. EXTENDED-DAY options are also available, along with TENNIS and SPORTS camps and other options through the JCC. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your child’s INTERESTS and SCHEDULE at MACC.

Designing Your Super Summer

To plan the best possible summer for your child, you’ll want to set aside some time to familiarize yourself with the contents of this guide. Be sure to consult the E-Z Find Age Grid on pages **. If you are interested in combining classes at MACC with programs presented by our sister organization, the JCC, please refer to the JCC portion of the guide or use our E-Z grid. The number of programs and choices can be overwhelming, but our staff is eager to help you build the perfect summer for your child. Please contact us at (303) 316-6360.

Children with Special Needs

MACC strives to enhance the lives of children and teens with special needs by providing creative opportunities to participate in MACC programs to the fullest extent of their ability. Many of our programs welcome children with special needs, however it is imperative for parents to call in advance so that we can insure the best possible preparation in accommodating children with special needs. Please call the MACC office to schedule an appointment with the program director to determine your child’s individual needs and to create a successful match between your child and our programs. Equally it should be noted that we have special scholarship opportunities for special needs children.


All class listings include a guest price and a JCC member price. JCC membership is open to all. In most cases, parents registering for more than two classes should compare the pricing to determine whether purchasing a JCC Membership will actually save money. See membership below.

Signing In and Out

Every student under the age of 12 must be signed in and out daily by a parent, guardian or sibling who is 16 years or older. Participants who are 12 or older do not have to follow this procedure. Supervised Lunch participants will be signed out of morning classes and into afternoon classes by staff. Please drop off and pick up campers in a timely manner. Your children will not be left unattended, but if you are late picking them up you will be charged for staff time.


We expect the highest standards of behavior from all of our students. If at any time students violate our conduct policies, they may be asked to leave the program. The Center cannot refund tuition for the ejection of students based on poor behavior.

Kosher Policy

The JCC/MACC campus is a kosher facility, and all lunches brought to the center by program participants must be meat-free. For a full explanation of JCC kashrut (kosher) policies, please call (303) 316-6383.


Most classes at MACC’s summer academies will include a snack break. We encourage all children to bring a kosher (non-meat) snack and a beverage to each day of class. You can also provide your child with the correct change for our vending machines, where pop is available for $1.25, and candy or other snacks are available for $1.25 or less.

Lunch Supervision and Enrichment

In an effort to provide continuity of care for children in morning and afternoon camps, the JCC and MACC offer lunch supervision between 12 – 1pm. Children who attend both a morning and an afternoon half-day program must register for “Lunch-In” on the camp registration form. This program is open only to campers who attend both morning and afternoon half-day programs. Children who register for Lunch-In will be escorted from their morning camp to the Phillips Social Hall, where they will meet with a staff member from their afternoon camp group and go to a specific location to eat lunch. They will then travel with their afternoon camp group to that camp’s location for the duration of the afternoon. The fee for Lunch-In covers staff supervision only—it does not include meals.

All meals brought to the JCC campus must conform to kosher guidelines. Children under the age of 12 who participate in an all-day program may not be left unsupervised on the JCC campus. Parents of these children must either register for the Supervised Lunch program or provide an adult (16 years old or older) to supervise the child on the one-hour lunch break. Children 12 years old and older who attend both a morning and an afternoon half-day programs must either 1) register for Lunch-In program or 2) sign the Meal Release Waiver on the relevant registration forms. The waiver releases the MACC/JCC from the responsibility for supervising your child during the lunch period between camps. Please register for Supervised Lunch as you would register for any other MACC program.


M—F (unless noted), Noon— 1 p.m., JCC Philips Social Hall,
$32/week/JCC Member; $38/week/Guest; (does not include meals), Ages 4—10
$15/week/JCC Member; $18/week/Guest; (does not include meals), Ages 11—15
For continuity of care for children inmorning and afternoon camps, the JCC and MACC continue to offer lunch supervision between Noon–1 p.m. Children who attend both a morning and an afternoon half-day program must register for Lunch-In on the camp registration form.Children will be escorted from their morning camp to the Phillips SocialHall,where theywillmeetwith an afternoon camp staff member and stay with their afternoon camp group for the duration of the afternoon. The fee for Lunch-In covers staff supervision only—it does not include meals. All children 15 and undermust register for lunch-in.

Medical Needs/Emergencies

Please inform the academy directors and staff if your child has special medical needs, and be sure to fill out all relevant medical and release forms. If a child is injured, first aid will be administered; 911 will be called in the case of an emergency.