Welcome to summer

We are deeply indebted to our marvelous parents and talented students for our reputation as one of Denver’s leading institutions for quality arts instruction. We believe a child’s access to creative opportunities is instrumental in yielding the best in active, intelligent, imaginative leaders of tomorrow.

MACC’s summer academies are committed to the highest standards of creative training for young people. In contrast to a traditional academic environment, we offer intensive, immersion creative opportunities. Our instructors are all active professionals in their fields, as well as nurturing mentors. In addition, all of our classes employ quality materials and processes, and are conducted in professional studio and theatrical environments. We also offer quality facilities including our recently renovated 400-seat Elaine Wolf Theatre (formerly the Shwayder Theatre).

Education and participation in the arts is essential to the development of character, imagination and self-confidence. Current research also indicates that education in the arts is linked to success in other academic fields. We seek to develop in young people the ability to exercise what is most human, unique, and individual about themselves. Through participation in our academies, your child will experience programs that offer an inspiring balance of education, fun, creativity, and the exuberance that comes from participating in the creative process.

Summer at MACC is a special time, bursting with energy, expression, color, and song. Like your children, we look forward to the season with eager anticipation. We are continually inspired by the imagination of our students, and it is a privilege for all of us to contribute to the flowering of their creativity and talents.