Children in a poolCompetition arises when at least two participants strive for a goal which cannot be shared or which is desired individually but not in sharing or cooperation. Competition occurs naturally between living organisms which co-exist in the same environment and often competition is seen as a bad thing, but competition can be positive too!

  1. Competition builds courage
  2. Competition helps us find faults and improve
  3. Competition increases productivity and encourages new ideas
  4. Competition can end in respect, not anger
  5. Competition builds self-esteem

At The J, we have two youth swim teams, the Sea Stars, and the Sea Turtles.

The Sea Stars swim team is a CARA league swim team for ages 5-18. Coaches focus mostly on perfecting stroke technique and improving swimmer endurance. This team runs year round for those children who love to swim, but is most popular in the summer. While they still attend swim meets, the Sea Stars are less competitive and focus is more on team building. The Sea Stars is a great team for children who love to have fun, meet new kids and enjoy some great exercise.

The Sea Turtles swim team is our USA competitive swim team for ages 6-18. It focuses on speed, technique and discipline. This swim team is very competitive and runs year around. While still maintaining a healthy supportive team environment, swimmers on the Sea Turtles are expected to work hard and push themselves to be the best swimmer they can be. Swim meets are held all over the state which Sea Turtle swimmers are expected to attend. The Sea Turtles is the team to sign your child up for if they’re a die-hard swimmer and want to compete at a higher level!

Find out more about our swim teams here. See you at the pool!