1. Social and Networking Benefits

By joining scuba diving class or club, you get to meet a wide variety of people who can be your diving buddies and become your life-long friends. When you dive, you rely on a buddy system. This is a huge part of diving safely and also engenders trust based on shared experience and looking out for one another.

2. Flexibility and Strength

When you dive, you use all your muscles. The water provides low impact resistance and buoyancy and because swimming is a full body workout, you’re often using your muscles in ways you’re not used to unless you swim reguarly.

3. Improves Blood Circulation

Because you work all your muscles simultaneously during a dive, you also get a full cardiovascular workout which increases blood and oxygen flow.

4. Improves Your Respiratory System

As with yoga and meditation, when you dive you need to be aware and in control of your breathing. Typically, we tend to not use our diaphragms when we breath and so breath shallowly, but when you dive, you need to do slow, controlled breathing using your diaphragm and expanding your lungs. As you breathe air from your oxygen tank you exercise your lungs by expanding them to absorb more oxygen.

Sea Turtle

5. Greater Appreciation of Nature’s Beauty

The diversity of life within our bodies of water is staggering and only diving can truly provide you with an intimate encounter with these gifts of nature.

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